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Molly is the latest Music Sensation from Lancaster

Molly Warburton is the new singer from Lancaster
Molly Warburton is the new singer from Lancaster

Born in Lancaster, the new music singer Molly Warburton is creating a prestigious image for herself with her music singles. She is quickly gaining the reputation of the region’s finest-rising stars.

Molly’s father played guitar and this inspired her to learn music. When she first tried guitar she was just 12 years old. She got comfortable with the instrument within a year or two.

Her latest music single titled Change Your Mind was released in early 2020.

Molly Warburton
I studied music in school. It has always been a massive passion of mine. So it all sort of started off with a small school talent show. And then it moved from there to doing gigs at weekends – open mics and things like that. To after school just taking it up instead of going to uni.

I always wanted to do music. So I worked doing gigs and just promoting myself really. I’ve brought out many singles. I had a band with me before and now it’s gone into more just myself – easier to manage!

My dad played guitar and I kind of found guitars lying around the house. I just kinda fancied it. When I first started playing I absolutely hated it – well, I didn’t hate it, but you always want to be kind of like – oh I think I could do it – and then you realise it’s quite hard to play guitar. So it wasn’t until later on, like when I was 13/14, when I actually loved it and started properly taking it up kind of thing. And I am learning piano at the moment – I wouldn’t say I could play piano though!

Change Your Mind is kind of a love song. I know what everyone thinks of love songs and stuff, but I wrote it a couple of years ago actually now. But it’s kinda been sat in the back burner – kind of what do I do with this? It’s all about trying to get to know someone – even when you spend a lot of time with someone you might not know them in the way that you want to know them. It’s quite a dark subject but I tried to make it a bit more fun. I’ve got a music video to it. So it’s got a bit more energy. Kind of a bit more happy – my influences are more happier than sad.

I always find it takes me a while to write a song. I like to keep it very raw and say much about my experiences and myself. And I don’t always write a song off the cuff, instantly kind of thing. It takes a while. It kind of starts off with me and my guitar. And I do also co-write with another artist. So I kind of take it to him and we just kind of work it from there really. He plays piano so it kind develops in that sense. I find it easier to sometimes write with piano and vocals. I always find it helps to share and collaborate with other people. More ideas when two people are involved.

Oh it’s great is Lancaster. There’s always things like open mics going on, which is obviously a great way for artists to get their music heard. But yeah, it’s brilliant. It’s got like the music festival that happens in October which brings all genres of music together. It’s kind of amazing because there are a lot of genres of music as well going on everywhere. It’s really good because we have quite good support from things like BBC Introducing round here, which obviously gets your music heard. Lancaster, for such a small place, town or city, I think it’s an amazing place to grow up musically because there’s just so much going on. People seem to love it as well, showing support.

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