Authors at CutCine.com
Authors at CutCine.com

Managing a website as large as CUTCINE.COM requires huge effort and skills. It took us time to fully construct the website as per audience requirements and comfort. We are pleased with the ease of use navigation and the awesome design, thanks to the restless programmer Ashish Chandra.

The website is youth oriented online music video portal dedicated to music artists and music albums. The consistent markup of this website constructed for search engine bots makes it unique in its genre. Like our official pages on various social networks to stay updated with the top class musical entertainment. We expect to be your prime musical entertainer on cyberspace.

Here are the authors associated with CUTCINE.COM :


Ashish is the prime brain and sole programmer of this website. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and is hellbent to apply his programming skills to serve humankind. He is an alumnus of Computer Science & Engineering Department of the most popular Indian tech-school IIT Bombay. He has a great love for music, musicians and singers. He loves PHP programming and is usually online always. If he is not near a computer then he is having a good time with his family and friends.


Sushil is a known music buff. He was stung with music virus when he was inside uterus. :):) This makes him a perfect author for CUTCINE.COM. He has amazingly wide knowledge of music albums. He has bagged awards in celebrity encyclopedia when at NIT Nagpur. Sushil has a wide taste for music and music albums.